- Creation of a pilot laboratory "network" for the design and production of new active and eco-friendly packaging for the food industry, with pre-industrial validation.

The main facility will be implemented as a prototype industrial-machine, and it will be used for the fabrication of innovative multilayer flexible films. The laboratory may also use machines made by the companies partners of the project. Thanks to these synergies, it will be possible to investigate the performances of the new packaging directly on industrial machines, also following the company requirements.

- Creation of new flexible active packaging for the food industry, activated by: active molecules (eg. antimicrobial essential oils) incorporated into the multilayer film, and enzymes with antimicrobial and/or antioxidant activity, immobilized on the film surface.

- Development of sensors for in-line measurements of enzymes amount and activity within the film.

- Application of cold plasma advanced technology to promote the adhesion of multi-layer flexible films, in place of synthetic adhesives and primers.

- Improvement of stability, quality characteristics and shelf-life extension of foods packed in the new active packaging solutions, thus reducing and/or avoiding the use of preservatives in their formulations.

- Improvement of logistics efficiency: reduction of costs and environmental impact of realized packaging.

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